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Long Beach: Neighborhood Amenities:

Long Beach is a vibrant community located on the South Shore of Long Island. It is conveniently located within an hour's commute from New York City, and has a variety of neighborhood amenities that make it a desirable place to live.

The areas highlighted in red are discussed below. Scroll down the page for detail.

Crystal House is located at the Red Star in the Map Below.

The Train Station
The Beach and Boardwalk
Shopping, and Neighborhood Facilities

The Train Station:
The Train Station is located at the corner of Park Avenue and Edwards Blvd (see map label). Rush hour trains leave between three and four times an hour from the Long Beach station (which sits at the end of its own private line, so the boarders in Long Beach always get a seat!) The station is a five minute drive from Crystal House (see the neighborhood map for a view of the location), and is serviced by a loop bus that comes to the building. Train schedules can be obtained at the following website: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/lirr/html/ttn/longbeac.htm

The Beach and Boardwalk:
Crystal House has a private entrance to a beautiful stretch of white quartz beachfront (for pictures, see the Beach link). The Long Beach boardwalk begins a half a block from the entrance to Crystal House, and offers wonderful opportunities for jogging, sunbathing, or recreational walks.

Shopping and Neighborhood Facilities:
Long Beach has all the shopping opportunities one would expect of a residential community. The main shopping corridor (Park Avenue, in the center of the map) is home to two supermarkets (one offers delivery), the post office, the library, a movie theater, sports clubs, and numerous restaurants, all within a five minute drive of Crystal House. A great variety of churches and synagogues are within walking distance. The City of Long Beach also maintains a high-end athletic facility, complete with an olympic size swimming pool and tennis courts.


Crystal House Management Office
630 Shore Road, Lobby Level
Long Beach, NY 11561
516-889-2056 (tel)
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